Coffee Date Candle

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We don’t judge if you’re GEN Z drinking iced coffee all year round or put back 5 hot coffees before convincing yourself to start the day. It’s whatever floats your boat. But something we all seem to have in common is our undeniable addiction to the java. Something about the smell, the taste, the feeling.

Anyone else wake up dreaming about their morning coffee? If we could marry this scent, we probably would. The smell of espresso packs an undeniable punch yet is sweetened with notes of vanilla oat milk and hazelnut. Our sniff testers tell us this even reminds them of Coffee Crisp ™

So take yourself on a coffee date. Light her up, order a cup and treat yourself to everyone’s fav feel good fragrance. 



8 oz Soy Wax / 226g Soy Wax

Estimated Burn Time: 40-45 hours

All candles are hand-poured in Montreal, QC BY SMELLIES. 


Why a wood wick?

  • Wood wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be attained from a single tree.
  • They burn more evenly and cleaner than cotton wicks. However, it is important to trim them after each burn!
  • Listen for the crackling they make when the candles burn - they can give the illusion of being cuddled by the fireplace
  • Wood wick candles produce less soot than traditional wicks.