Nice to Meet You ♡


Rene and Alison are both originally from Mexico and moved to Montreal with their families at a young age. They meet in high-school and the rest is history. They founded Valentina right before pandemic, and without knowing what to expect they decided to risk it all and start their adventure as entrepreneurs.


Working in the fashion industry for the past 12 years, Alison always wanted to have her own business. In 2020, she decided to quit her job as a sales associated in Burberry at Holt Renfrew and focus on opening Valentina. She handpicks every piece in store, does our the social media management, newsletters, styling, customer service and packs all your online orders!


Without any contractor experience, Rene built, decorated and painted every corner in our store, making this cafe feel like an escape to Tulum in the heart of Montreal! While he is the head of our financial department and coffee shop. He also has a full time job as a sommelier and district manager for Barranco Partners in Montreal.


Valentina Boutique & Cafe is more than a one-stop-shop, we want to help our customers find confidence and be inspired through our pieces. It's our never ending quest to provide our customers with quality pieces that represent the moments and places we love most.

Be Free. Be Confident. Be YOU!


Alison & Rene