Product Care & Sizing


Most items are true to size, but you can use this Size Chart as a general guideline.
       size    bust     waist     hips
XS       0    30-32   24-26   34-36
S      2-4    32-34   26-28   36-38
M     6-8    34-36   28-30   38-40
L   10-12  36-38  30-32    40-42
XL  14-16  38-40   32-34   42-44

Cocotzin Hat Care

Storing your Hat

Store your hat upside down on its crown or on a peg on the wall to keep the shape. It is best to keep your hat stored in bag to avoid getting stains and/or dust build up. 

Handling your Hat

Handle your hat by the brim when placing on and removing to maintain the crown shape. If handling the crown, make sure to not apply too much pressure.

  How to Remove Dust and Dirt

Remove dust and dirt by brushing with a soft brush. There are brushes made for wool felt hats. Go around entire brim in a slow counterclockwise motion. NEVER BRUSH THE HATS ON NOBUCK. USE A SOFT CLOTH TO REMOVE THE DUST.  To remove any lint or dust you can also use a lint roller. Rolling the brim and edge and then patting the crown to get it back to perfect condition.

How to Straighten the Brim

 Is your hat warped? Try this: over a pot of boiling water, put it in the steamer, return it to its original

shape and fill it with paper. Let dry for 24 hours. Avoid letting it dry in the sun or near an intense heat

source so that it does not shrink.

 * All our hats have added gusset to create that stiff brim. Fix when necessary, but not frequently, as it may lose some stiffness over time.

What to Avoid

Wet Weather. Do not wear your hat on snowy, rainy days. If gets wet wipe off immediately. Let dry naturally to avoid ruining the shape.

** NOBUCK hats have a special fine finish that will react to water damage. If it is wet, wipe off the water immediately. Once dry, take a soft cloth to smooth out the watermarks.

Suede hats likewise clean immediately and use a soft bristle brush to smooth out watermarks.

Do not expose your hat to high temperatures, such as leaving it in a hot car or by a fireplace, as it can damage your skin.




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