Aesthetics Come and Go, But Some Really Inspire Us

Aesthetics Come and Go, But Some Really Inspire Us

In a world where trends seem to change by the minute, it's easy to get caught up in the latest trends and forget some of them are actually reappearing staple styles! While some trends from the past year are expected to carry over, there are also some exciting new & reappearing styles that are set to make a big statement in 2024. Check out our favorite current aesthetics!

Mob Wife

Let's be honest: this trend caught everyone off guard. In a surprising shift from the subtle, minimalist Clean Girl Aesthetics, the fashion industry is now buzzing with a trend as daring as it is unexpected: the Mob Wife Aesthetic. There are a few pieces in a Mob Wife Aesthetic wardrobe that every girl truly needs. come these include (faux) fur coats, chunky gold jewellery, leather boots, and red statement pieces. 
Good news is there are some of the best fur coats to be thrifted all around Montreal, but the best ones are all in hidden on Saint Laurent Boulv. So come grab a coffee at Valentina while checking out our collection of red pieces then head out the local thrifts, all within 1-5min walk from our boutique! 

Office Siren


Brought into trend by the iconic Bella Hadid, Office Siren is all about feminizing corporate core. Have an ugly office skirt? Trade it out for a pleated one. Wear contacts? Go back to glasses, but add a subtle smokey eyeshadow. It is easy to say this aesthetic isnt quite applicable to actual office wear, but a lot of it's statement piece are actually important pieces to expand your wardrobe. 

Our new collection is inspired by this aesthetic! Come check it out in-store or shop it online.

Tomboy femme 

A lot of girls are wearing this aesthetic , but can't find a name for it yet. But the TikTok girlies have saved us, giving this Aesthetic the perfect name: Tomboy Femme. It is a mix of all recent trends, displayed in an effortless way. From the sleek buns of the clean girl aesthetic, to the statement jewelry from the mob wife aesthetic, add an oversized blazer or coat from the office siren aesthetic, and now all its missing is the tomboy touch: an oversized piece of clothing.
At Valentina, we love to stay on top of trends, but our secret is finding parts of these trends that will live on forever. For that reason our collections are very limited and often only last for two weeks with no restocks, so come sip & shop soon!