Blooming Like A White Lotus

Blooming Like A White Lotus

We’ve put together a vacation outfit style guide to help you embody the vibe of a White Lotus guest. Whether you want to emulate the tourists or locals from the show, and whether your summer travels take you to Sicily or anywhere else, you can draw fashion inspiration from The White Lotus.


Emulate Daphne by wearing bold printed maxi dresses to dinners, draping yourself in beautiful sarongs by the seaside, and enhancing your elevated looks with statement jewelry. Here is a Valentina piece that would definitely be in Daphne's closet:


Lucia's bold, fiery, and seductive nature is perfectly reflected in her clothing and accessory choices. As a Sicilian local, she often wears low necklines and short hemlines. Here is a Valentina piece that would be in Lucia's closet:


Harper might have the most subdued style among the White Lotus guests, yet it exudes a sense of quiet luxury. She prefers basic pieces, such as oversized button-down tops paired with tiny bikinis and simple linen dresses. This Valentina linen dress was practically made for her:
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