Your Next Vacation Packing List: 5 Things You Can't Forget

Your Next Vacation Packing List: 5 Things You Can't Forget

Although Montreal might not be acting like it for now, spring is just around the corner! Which means it's time to start booking your vacations. Bring out the florals, light colors, and breezy fabrics... and of course, don't forget some hot bikinis. Let's pack your suitcase together!


If there's one thing you absolutely cannot forget is all your skincare and hair products! Make sure you make a list of everything you use on the daily by going through your routine step by step. That way, you won't forget anything essential, then add all your vacation extras (aka hairspray for all that humidity). Remember to pack everything in a toiletry bag that way you dont lose anything. Shop our Make up Terry Bag in pink & blue here!



Obviously you won't forget your swimwear, but here's our tip: pack a variety according to your usual moods on vacation. A risky for when you're feeling yourself, comfy ones for those bloated days, the perfect tanning bikini...etc. Find all of these styles in-store (& online soon) at Valentina Boutique from NuBrazil's stunning collections.

Comfy Layers

 Us Montreal folks are often so excited to leave the cold and step into the sun that we forget vacation can get pretty chilly too! Make sure to pack some light layers to keep you cozy throughout the trip, whether your on a chilly flight or your hair is still wet... this Valentina set is the perfect traveling comfort two-piece!

Versatile Pieces

When packing a carry-on, try minimize the amount of pieces you're carrying by bringing day-to-night pieces. Our Sunny Holiday Dress is a perfect example; dress it up with some heels and a slick back hairstyle, or dress it down with come sandals and a beach bag... works perfectly either way!


You know what goes hand in hand with packing less? Accessorizing like crazy! wearing the same outfit with different jewelry pieces can completely change the aethetic of your look, so to pack less while having more, make sure to pack all your chunky and simple jewelry. Shop our perfect for vacation non-tarnishing jewelry here.