Making it Through Midterms: Style is Confidence

Making it Through Midterms: Style is Confidence

Midterms are coming up and it's safe to say that we all look pretty raggedy during this season. Deep winter = hibernation mode, we all prioritize comfort over anything these days. But we're bringing renewed energy into 2024: look your best, do your best!

OK, first thing's first: looking cute while being cozy during a study session at home will actually up your productivity because you'll subconsciously feel more prepared. Here's an example of what we would lounge in at home:

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Now that you had a perfect study session and are feeling confident about your exam/presentation, we have to keep that momentum up. We often sacrifice comfort for a good look... this is when we're not gonna do that. Comfort is key here, because the winning combo is looking like a 10/10 while feeling like you're wrapped up a blanket. Thinks it's not possible? Check out this inspo:

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You're now officially over the suckiest part of the semester (because at least with finals you can look forward to a break, right?). This calls for a girls night out celebrate! Get a reservation at your favorite restaurant and reward yourselves, the winter semester is brutal and you deserve a little self-treat for all your effort. Here's a look that would be super cute for a girls dinner:

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Good luck during the next few weeks! And don't forget... style is confidence.